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Hello my internet friends! Today is a very exciting day. I’m proud to announce 28 to Make. Short version: I want you to join me and some friends in a global 28 day movement to dramatically enhance your creativity – and maybe your life. Longer version? Read on…but it’s basically just pure awesome, and very […]

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Here’s How I GET SHIT DONE! (hint: BUSY isn’t success, it’s a lack of priority)

“Busy” isn’t success. Busy is a lack of priority. For a long time I thought the following about “busy” people: -they were important -they were cool -that had it so rough – poor them! They need sympathy! Then, after bailing on a career in soccer, dodging medical school and quitting half-way through getting a PhD […]

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cjRAW 18: Create Change with Daily Habits

Time for some CHANGES around here!

We’re into the new year and everyone’s talking about resolutions and goals… lose weight, quit drinking, teach yourself some new skills. Yet something like 1 in 3 folks give up before the end of the first month. What gives? I’m cutting to the punchline on this one: ‘Change’ by itself sounds so big and ominous. […]

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My New Camera Has ARRIVED! […and it can SEE IN THE DARK]

Alright you camera freaks. The long-awaited Nikon D5 + Nikon D500 have finally been announced. Live from the CES show in Las Vegas yesterday Nikon paraded out their new babies for all the geeks and journalists. As a face for Nikon long before there was such a thing (I know – hard to remember that […]

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Chase Jarvis RAW EP 17: The 3AM Voice

That Voice Inside Your Head at 3 a.m. is NOT Your Friend. [How to Shut Those Gremlins Up + Win 2016]

So grateful for all the feedback on the last #cjRAW. Went vlog style for the Stolen Golf Cart + Other Life Lessons vid and got great feedback (with, of course, one hater As such – given the fun I had making the last one, the success of that approach, plus some free time early in […]

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cjRAW: Steal a Golf Cart and Other Life Lessons

Stealing Golf Carts + Other Creative Life Lessons [#cjRAW VLOG]

I live by hard work + hustle — they are some of the key elements to my success and the successes of so many of my peers… but so is recovery. One cannot live at 100mph. One cannot ALWAYS be on a diet, be in peak performance. Rest is mandatory. We either choose to find […]

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#cjRAW EP 15: 3 SEXY Gadgets for Makers

GEEK ALERT! 3 Tech Tools for People Who Make Stuff [#cjRAW]

Calling all maker geeks, photo geeks, and audiophiles – this one is for you. Yes yes, I regularly champion experience over stuff, but the reality is also true that we creators use tools to create. As such, in today’s #cjRAW I shine a bright little light on 3 tech tools that caught my eye. One […]

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Chase Jarvis RAW Episode 14

The TIPPING POINT — How You Know When You’ve “Arrived” [ + answers to 9 other questions you asked me]

Hi friends, back atcha here with another #cjRAW. You might remember in Episode 10, I asked for you to tag your questions #heychase and I’d answer those questions? Well, you did your part, and now I’ll do mine. In this episode I answer the following questions from this community. I go deep on some, quick […]

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SERENA WILLIAMS + ROGER FEDERER in da House (and in front of my camera)

HA! You asked for another #cjRAW behind-the-scenes photo/video shoot…and so I’m DELIVERING! That’s right, in this episode of #cjRAW, I take you on location to photograph SERENA WILLIAMS, ROGER FEDERER and half dozen more of the BEST TENNIS STARS IN THE WORLD (while shooting a campaign for Wilson Tennis). Working smoothly with pro athletes or […]

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cjRAW EP 12

Consider THIS: More Experiences, Less Stuff

Hey friends – Happy Holidays! It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the states, and I’m getting some much needed family & friend time. I was up late last night and I made a video in the dark by myself. Just a little rant I’d like you to watch and consider and share. As we […]

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What are you doing with your life?

I was crushed when I heard about the Paris attacks. My heart and mind go out for everyone affected. Ugh. For those who’ve been following awhile, you may know that I lived and worked in Paris for a few years. It’s a place I’m still deeply connected with … close friends, regular vacations and visits, […]

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Answers To 4 Good Questions, Including Why I LOVE/HATE Coffee [#cjRAW 10, #HeyChase]

Hey friends – Time is flying. We’re already at episode 10 of the new #cjRAW, and frankly speaking, I’m just getting warmed up. Boom. Onto this week’s episode where I’m AGAIN answering YOUR questions, just like Episode 02..AAAAANNNNDD…. While selecting questions for this episode, I noticed more and more questions coming in were starting with […]

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I got PHOTO TIPS for DAYS – #cjRAW Episode 09 is HERE.

Photo geeks — this one’s for you. Yes the new #cjRAW series covers a lot of territory — from how I taught myself French, why I’ve come together with a bunch of people to build CreativeLive, to why I meditate, to my morning routine and everything in between…but I’m also aiming to maintain the soul […]

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