Accidental Creative

Ever feel like your creative gas tank is struggling to stay full? When I bounce from project to project, shooting for one brand this week and another brand the next, I have to work hard at staying creatively disciplined so that I’m as fresh as possible.

If you at all identify with this challenge, and you’re into podcasts, I’d recommend checking out Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative podcast (link should take you to iTunes podcast) and related site The podcast is a simple, pithy file that arrives at my iTunes doorstep on a weekly interval and deals with overcoming the challenges that we creative types face in our professional environment. It wisely suggests how structuring a few basic rhythms into our demanding schedules can help keep us fresh and vibrant.

Beware if you’re expecting this to be some highly produced, have-all-the-answers roadmap for the lazy creative pro, because you’ll be disappointed. Some of the things I love about it are:

1)it lacks pretense,
2)it is underproduced and simple,
3)it is honest and not preachy, and
4)it addresses issues for all creatives, not necessarily photographers specifically (we photogs have a lot to learn from other creative disciplines).

Topics on Todd’s podcast range from “where did my time go” to “energy”, “judgment”, and “immersion”. Tune in if you have a few extra minutes—you may find something that helps keep you on your creative toes.

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