New and Old ‘Business of Photography’ Books You Should Read

Current Managing Director and lead legal counsel for the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers –, Victor Perlman, and former (retired) Executive Director of the ASMP, Richard Weisgrau, have recently co-authored an interesting book called Licensing Photography. You can review and buy “Licensing Photography” here It’s one of the better titles that deals with the unique challenges facing photographers who are licensing their imagery in the new millennium.

It’s noteworthy to realize that the topics in their book are evolving at light speed. Even at press time a few months ago, I’m sure they were gulping at how many revisions they’d already need to plan for in the next printing… While no book about licensing images can have everything nailed down, they have hit the nail on the head in their quest to address many of these rapid changes. Thus, if you’re a pro shooter or an aspiring amateur I recommend that you read this book and work hard to educate yourself on these exciting times. I’m passionately against skeptics and haters to the current state of commercial photography, and I DON’T preach fear on these matters: our industry as we know it, is NOT coming to an end at the hands of digitally produced images, managed digital workflow, and electronic distribution! On the contrary, for the savvy individual who understands the evolving photography profession, these times are full of wonderful change and boundless opportunity.

Other required reading for pro or aspiring photographers is the ASMP Guide to Professional Business Practices in Photography. To buy this book or other respected photography-related titles click here Indeed some topics in these books are quickly becoming dated, however, the fundamental underpinnings are entirely intact and most of these books deserve a read. Or two.

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