Photokina – New Cameras from Nikon and Hasselblad

As many of you photo industry enthusiasts know, the huge yearly Photokina Trade Show is happening this week in Germany. While trade shows don’t really blow most people’s minds (mine included), it’s worth noting that manufactures often unveil their new offering at these things.

That said, Nikon today previewed their new N 80 “semi-pro” camera. A link to the release can be found here. If you’re an aspiring pro or a serious amateur and you’re not wanting to drop the $6k for the Nikon D2x, then it seems that this D80 might be great 10 megapixel rig for under a thousand bucks.

Also, Hasselblad today announced the H3D — their next generation medium format digital camera in both 22 and 39 megapixel editions. Link here. Amazing files.

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