ScanSnap, Tool of the Century

Okay, the title of this post might be a slight overstatement, BUT of all the technology we’ve added to our office recently (and believe me, we’re geeks…always up to something), this little device has really made life better: The ScanSnap by Fujitsu ($450).

What is it? The ScanSnap is a high speed, compact scanner that converts hardcopy documents to PDF in a flash. It digitizes both sides of a document in a single pass, in color or b/w, and does so at up to 15 pages per minute. It’s available for Mac and PC users. It automatically separate color documents from black and white ones, saves this information in highly compressed files, and even eliminates blank pages, allowing you to scan combinations of one-sided and two-sided documents without worry. This is no advertisement people, I’m serious, this thing actually works.

We use this nifty gadget to digitize our model releases, receipts we submit for jobs, and signed contracts/documents. It has dramatically simplified our workflow and helped tremendously with our archiving. Check out the Fujitsu site to read more, although you probably want to buy it here from Amazon. (link is to Mac version).

I first learned about this thing from Design Tools Monthly, a newsletter we get from being a priority client at CreativeTechs, the best IT support for creatives, ever. (Call Craig and tell him we sent you.) They actually reviewed the ScanSnap in their blog too (which I highly recommend), in case you want to check it out.

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