Accepting Projects

I’m on the Board of Directors for a kick ass non-profit called the Blue Earth Alliance. The BEA sponsors photography projects that do good things in the world: educate, save, help, fix, change, etc. They’re now accepting applications for the next round of projects. Please forward this post to all your environmental photog friends who might be interested. The BEA statement is below:

Blue Earth Alliance Call for Projects: Blue Earth Alliance sponsors photography projects that educate the public about threatened cultures, endangered environments and other social concerns. If your project meets this mission, you are invited to apply for sponsorship. Blue Earth is a 501(c)3, so our projects are eligible to receive tax deductible contributions from foundations and individuals. Blue Earth provides assistance with organization, raising funds, publishing and publicity. Blue Earth accepts proposals twice a year — the next submission deadline is Jan 21, 2007. See guidelines here.

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