New Zealand Film – Ata Whenua, Shadowland

So I’m back working in New Zealand again, this time on a month-long shoot for a substantial spring campaign. I’ve was in Queenstown (South Island) for quite some time –amazing place–the whole south island is truly one of the most spectactular places on earth. Picture the Swiss Alps mixing with Hawaii. Seriously.

So anyway, the whole crew (there’s around 20 of us) just moved to another substantially smaller town near the Fiordland National Park called Te Anau (Tay Ahn-oh). We’ve tonight been to this cool little hipster (out of place) theater Fiordland Cinema and seen a film produced locally called Ata Whenua (pronounced Ah-ta Fenoa). We’re doing a fair amount of work shooting with helicopters this trip, and it turns out that the filmmaker/producer Kim Hollows is local heli pilot that works with the group we’ve contracted for our heli work. The film is a 32 minute visual fly-by documentary (no actors, no dialogue, just a scenic helicopter journey…) across Fiordland, New Zealand and it’s absoluely breathtaking.

Ata Whenua – Shadowland brings you the Fiordland World Heritage Status Wilderness you would otherwise never see. Mysterious, evocative, exhilarating and utterly spectacular, filmed across extemes of season, climate and terrain, it will take you on an unforgettable journey through one of the most awe inspiring landscapes on earth.

Put in on your list of DVD’s to watch someday. I just bought it from the theater. If you’re motivated, buy Ata Whenua DVD here. Make sure to specify the correct DVD type PAL or NTSC format. In North America or Asia, you’re NTSC, Europe, Australia/NZ you’re PAL. If you’re not motivated, wait till it trickles into your life via one of your cool friends and catch it when you can. Truly a beautiful film.

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