Adobe Releases Photoshop CS3 Beta!

Dearest creative compadres: today, Adobe Systems announced the release of the long awaited Photoshop CS3! It will be released in beta, available free for download tomorrow, December 15th, “in the morning California time” according to an Adobe spokesperson.

This long-awaited version will run natively on the new Intel-based Macs (and Windows Vista and XP).

Rumor has it that the beta has all of the features available in the final product to be released in “Spring 2007″, however the program has not to date been fully tested (that’s what beta means, duh) and it may have some nasty bugs. They suggest (and I endorse) that it should therefore not be used for critical jobs. The beta will work for 2 days without a serial number, after which time a valid serial number from CS2 or the Creative Suite Bundle will be required.

Download Photoshop CS3 Beta here.

Download a Q&A; pdf from Adobe here.

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