Gregory Colbert: Amazing Imagery Amidst An Inspiring Idea

If you’re not familiar with the work of photographer and filmmaker Gregory Colbert, now’s your chance.

Without a doubt Colbert gives us some of the finest images ever recorded highlighting the interaction between animals, humankind, and the natural world. In his most recent exhibition entitled Ashes and Snow, Colbert shows us what it’s like to be committed to a singular artistic vision.

The 18 minute video below from a 2006 TEDTalk illustrates this vision through some truly spectacular footage, AND purveys an insightful, hopeful idea about how we can repay the natural world for what it has given our media culture. I’m a huge proponent of giving back; if Colbert’s unique and interesting ideas can fly as high as his artistic vision, the world will be a better place and he’ll rank amongst the highest givers of our modern era.

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