KEXP 90.3 = Best Radio Station Ever

Well. Knowing how important music is to me, I’m mortified that it’s taken me this long to give a shout out to one of the best radio stations of all times: KEXP 90.3 Seattle, where the music matters.

In case you don’t know (which basically means you live outside Seattle – most of this blog’s readership…), KEXP is a listener-supported radio station that broadcasts from 90.3 in Seattle and streams on the web at (Great quality). I’m a long-time supporter and huge fan, as the station has introduced me to more new music than all other sources combined x 100. If we’re traveling not on location, we listen to it at some point in the Seattle or Paris studios every day. The breadth and depth of this station is truly incredible. In addition to numerous genre-specific shows like punk, electronic, hip-hop, local, blues, reggae, and rockabilly, KEXP boasts two amazing variety shows daily M-F, one hosted by Cheryl Waters, and the other by the best radio DJ ever, a friend John Richards–aka John in the Morning. (Ironically, we initially connected when I was commissioned to shoot his portrait a few years ago.)

Even if you didn’t check out anything on my blog in all of 2006, you must check out KEXP now. Visit their site – read up, learn about it, and understand the programming before you even think of dismissing it – it’s a vast, deep resource for music. Every show is archived and they’ll introduce you to more new tunes than you can shake a stick at. To visit the KEXP site click here. If I haven’t sold you and you need more info, check the wiki entry here. And if you’re a music junkie, my apologies for not sending you here earlier.

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