Obituary: Old School Dead at 50

While I’m respectful of the past, it’s true, I often rip on the Old School of photography, art, and culture–just read previous posts. Not because it’s bad, but simply because it’s not now and it’s less relevant now than ever before.

I just gave an interview to American Photo Magazine editor Miki Johnson (check out the group blog she does with the other editors Jay Defoore and David Schonauer) and I suspect my comments will emerge soon in print and online about leaving the Old School behind (read: grumpy, secretive, slow-to-adapt photo/art world fueled by a few rich bozos) and focusing on the future of new photography, new art, as well as new culture heroes in a new-media world.

Until that story runs, you’ll have to rely on this proof that I’m right: although it’s from a different niche, it’s happening all around us… Kim Klaver agrees that The Old School is Dead.

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