Apple Keynote – They’ve Done It Again

I’ll keep it short.

Instead of watching a movie tonight, watch Steve Jobs keynote address here. iPhone, AppleTV, more. Bring it on!

link says:

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Chase Jarvis says:

I have a feeling there will be a graveyard of blackberries and treos cropping up somewhere… I think my treo 650 has heard the news ;)

Ed says:

I love watching Steve do his thing. Of course he’s always a great salesman.

As far as the phone is concerned, yea it’s way sweet. I just signed a new contract with my current carrier. Crap! I too have a blackberry and thought it was pretty descent, until now.

Carson Blume says:

I know, i don’t know if it is pathetic, or we are just products of our environment. But I want one. I can ride, recive on phone calls and listen to my iPod. I have a blackberry now, but it just barely get the job done.

Chase Jarvis says:

I can’t believe I’m so damn enamored with that phone!

Carson Blume says:

All i have to say is yummy.

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