Personal New Year’s Resolution

*Disclaimer: If you’re reading my blog just for popular culture, art, or photography commentary, stop here. Seriously. If you are, however, prone to sympathizing with the occasional human interest story, you may read this short entry below.

Now then, in consideration of the above: I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. It’s more my personality that you should just do the things you need to do and/or want to do NOW, without the need or want of some superficial, external calendar markers (like ‘The New Year’, or ‘I’ll start next Monday’, etc.).

That said, I’m turning the tide on myself and I’m making a resolution this year. And I’m posting it here in hopes that it will (a)motivate me; and (b)help readers, friends, and friends of readers keep me on track.

This is serious, people. Completely ridiculous, but serious. I was caught with my fly down (that’s right, my zipper) about 100 times last year. I have therefore set my heart on changing and I resolve to fix this problem. For those of you who pointed this out to me in 2006, look for a new, zipped-up Chase Jarvis in 2007.

Comments are welcome, and of course: Happy New Year.

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