Entertaining Video Highlighting Changes From Pen and Paper to Web 2.0 And Beyond

The nicest thing about the web these days, beyond email spam, file sharing, lovelygirl15, porn, and access to the latest NASDAQ numbers, is obviously the huge transfer of relevant information. I’ve written a fair bit on the somewhat-controversial (that’s another issue…) term coined by Tim O’Reilly, Web 2.0, and what it means to the photography industry. I was happy to have been quoted or tracked back in some great blogs, by some talented journalists: Jay Defoore and Miki Johnson over at State of the Art, the editors’ blog at Popular Photography and American Photo, as well as an interview I gave to journalist and photographer Ethan Salwen for the ASMP. As it happens, Ethan pinged me last night for one of his forthcoming stories for Rangefinder Magazine. We had a wonderful discussion about all kinds of stuff, from the deplorable “fear factor” of flailing old-guard photographers to Web 2.0 and beyond. As a followup to our chat, he commented on my recent post “The Black Box of Advertising Photography Meets Business 101″ and pointed to a YouTube URL. Since it’s buried in the comments section, but worthwhile (certainly better than TV), I posted the clip here. It’s an entertaining 4 minute piece about the transition we’ve made from pencil and paper to the new media. Enjoy and thanks Ethan!

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