Adobe “Launches” CS3 on March 27th at 3:30pm EDT

For those of us who have been waiting… Newsflash from the Adobe website:

A new era in creative expression is about to unfold, freeing us to color outside the lines, to think in multiple dimensions, to engage audiences like never before.

Join us for a live webcast of the unveiling of Adobe Creative Suite 3, hosted in New York City by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen and COO Shantanu Narayen. Witness live the largest and most significant product launch in Adobe history, the culmination of 25 years of innovation and commitment to our customers, and the ignition of a creative revolution.

Creative Suite 3 Official Lauch Live Webcast
March 27, 2007, 3:30 pm (Eastern time)
For more info about the webcast, click here.

I should add to this, however, the somewhat disappointing news that while it’s being announced, launched, or whatever else they want to call it, it’s not being RELEASED until “late in Q2″. I suspect, as many others do, that it might coincide somehow with early release of Apple’s new, updated OS, Leopard. Either way, I’m jonesing for it all. Leopard? Sure I’ll take it. Photoshop CS3? Love to have it. The new Bridge? Please, please, please make it good…

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