DST And Your Computer – A Quick Public Service Announcement

I typically don’t go down the road of public service announcements, but this could be helpful. I’ll make it quick.

First, Daylight Saving Time begins this Saturday night at 2am (technically Sunday morning). Second, this is a change from year’s past (thanks to a positive, energy conservation move from congress) and it could be a slight pain in the neck for your computer. That said, I’d suggest checking this out in advance…

For Mac: just use the Software Update function. (It’s in the Apple Menu at top left of your screen.) This will automatically figure out what you need and then it will download and install it for you.

For Windows: visit Microsoft’s DST Help Page. It will walk you through the process of selecting the right tool for your system.

For Linux/Unix: a good place to start is this TechRepublic page.

Thanks to my friends at the ASMP for their quick research on this.

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