Slow Down – Carl Honore on Chilling Out

I recently gave an interview and the questioner, like many others before him, asked about my busy lifestyle. “Absolutely,” I said, “crazy busy all the time. Fast paced. Happy. BUT crazy busy.”

I’m sure you know what I mean. We’re all doing everything so quickly. Saving time here, efficiency there, etc. Our lives are faster than every before.

After the interview, I wondered to myself how many times I’ve replied with that answer when asked. Innumerable.

I always want to catch myself, but, ironically, I always feel like slowing down later. “Not always slow, not lazy, just the right balance” I thought, “Slow at the right times.” I praised myself for how much I slow down when I’m chilling in Paris. But I quickly reminded myself how little I’ve been able to get over there lately.

And then I stumbled upon Carl Honore, author of In Praise of Slowness. If you are able, perhaps slow down for 20 minutes and watch this vid clip about living at the right speed. If you don’t have time now, at least slow down for the next few minutes. Stand up. Stretch your back and get a drink of water or something. Seriously. I challenge you.

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