Strobist = Photo MacGyver on Steriods

If you haven’t visited Strobist yet, you must go there now.

It’s one of my favorite photo-geek (in the cool sense) blogs on the web – intelligence mixed with insight, humor, and wit, all wrapped into off-camera lighting on the cheap and easy. Word on the street is that he very graciously compared our cool, portable Photography Laptop Case to something out of Q’s workshop in a James Bond flick. Well Strobist, if we’re Bond over here (case IS complete with Rocket Launchers btw), you are far and away the net’s Photo MacGyver on Steriods.

Ever wanted to light something creatively using just your two Nikon SB800 flashes? Or better yet with a slide projector, some lights from Home Depot and a stick of gum? Well Strobist is your man. And if he hasn’t MacGyver’ed it YET, he knows someone who has and he posts that info for us too. Check out his friend Daniel’s solution for when you’re in a pinch for a lightstand for your off camera flash (btw, this had happened to me about 50 times…). At any rate, Strobist is a fantastic resource. He concocts, perfects, uses, and then shares the best do-it-yourself photo lighting tips on the net; and his motto sums it up: Less Gear, More Brain, Better light.

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