Photographers Who Blog in AfterCapture Magazine

Not long ago I was contacted by a talented writer (and part time photographer) living in Buenos Aires named Ethan Salwen.

This month in the photo trade mag AfterCapture Salwan examines the pros and cons of blogging and what it takes to make an interesting or successful web log. In this simple, unpretentious piece titled Enter the Blogosphere, Salwen interviews a small spectrum of photographers who blog and solicits and collates some smart advice for starting–and keeping alive–an engaged, online community.

As usual, I’m quoted saying a few kooky things, but regardless… overall, if you’re a photographer interested in blogging, it wouldn’t hurt to give the article a thorough read here in the AfterCapture online archive.

“Starting a blog seemed like a great way to use the new media to break that old mold of keeping secrets and to welcome in a new generation based on sharing [ideas]” -Excerpt from my bit

Update: More of Salwen’s info on blogging for photogs was pointed out to me in the ASMP Bulletin here. (Thanks, Jill!)

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