2007 PDN Magazine Photo Annual

If you care about photography and you haven’t checked out the hot-off-the-press 2007 PDN Photo Annual, you really should.

There’s some nice stuff in there you’d expect from some return honorees (Andy Anderson, Tim Flach, Vincent Laforet etc) but some really interesting stuff from some new names (Christine Gatti – that’s commitment!, many others). There look to be some really strong Photo Books this year too (powerful Chuck Close, Scott Peterman, Peter Steinhauer). And, while I’m typically a little numb to pure shock photojournalistic images, this year’s lot is an exception–they’ve really stepped it up with images beyond Iraq. I imagine that since information is moving so quickly these days that sources for “photo stories” are really becoming more accessible, and therefore more document-able. I was a little unimpressed with the Stock category generally, and the Advertising section as a whole won’t blow anybody away, but some of the Student Work did grab my eye (Deidre Schoo, Andrew Henderson).

Congrats and a standing ovation to my various colleagues.

And I should also give many thanks to the esteemed panel of judges for giving my Night Golf Series the winning nod in the Personal Work category this year (it’s in my Portfolio and the nuts and bolts of the shoot were featured in our recent bare-all Chase Jarvis FRAMES post). Anyway, thank you thank you. It’s an honor – that’s always one of my favorite categories. If–for some crazy reason–you’re wanting to re-trace some of my forays in earlier Photo Annuals (3 out of last 4 years), check the Press page. Otherwise, you’re probably way better off checking out some links to the various names I mention above.

Lastly, I will be in NYC this week in time to catch the PDN Awards Party on Thurs May 17th. If any of you will be there too, I hope we cross paths; or better yet, please scan a few name tags and kindly say hello, especially if I accidentally step on your shoes or if you see me spill my drink/hors d’œuvre on myself.

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