Rate Your Point and Shoot – I Need Help

It’s no news that digital point-and-shoot cameras are the bees knees. Everybody loves ‘em and I’m no exception. They’re great for snaps. I’ve had many in my day but tend to break or lose them a little too easily. We still have one, although Kate is on the road with it for quite a spell, so I am again without.

So far I think I’ve had one Nikon, three Canons, and–hold your breath–one Casio. Which have I liked the best? The Casio Exilim, actually. The prime reason was the comparatively minimal shutter delay. I heard they’re all getting better in that department – which is a relief.

So now I hunger for another one, newer, better, different. And I need your advice. The nice folks over at TheOnlinePhotographer Blog have a solid list of P/S camera ratings going on. That’s a great start, but let’s build on it. If you are able to spare a couple minutes and share a quick viewpoint, a long opinion, a link to a decent review, please do. It could be a useful quick-reference to our little community if people chime in.

Heck, I’ll even send a swell T-shirt to whomever first recommends the one I end up buying.

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