Review of 2007 PDN Photo Annual Party

It’s one thing that posting from the road is hard enough. It’s entirely another thing that this entry might read dangerously like a gossip column (gasp!) if I’m not careful. Regardless, I’ve just woke and am remembering how much darn fun I had at the PDN party last night.

I’m grateful to the many whose paths I crossed last night, readers, friends, other bloggers alike. Rarely are many of us in the same state let alone the same room, so it was really wonderful to catch some familiar faces — and meet plenty of new people last night too. It was generally a snazzy night for commingling, free of drama and overt business. It seemed like people were generally out there just having a nice time.

As far as “review” of the party proper, I can say, (having been to the last 4 of these things) that this was, far and away the best PDN party in years. The venue ,Capitale at Bowery and Grand in NYC was simply superb with it’s grand entrance and breathtakingly high ceiling. There was ample room for everyone to gather and find tables and drinks and everything they needed to enjoy themselves. If my Treo hadn’t exploded a few weeks ago, and if my damn Blackberry would have a camera in it, and if the Apple iPhone would have been out yet, or any combination of those things, I’d have had pictures to post, but I don’t. (Alas, that might have made this entry too much like something from Perez Hilton!) Regardless, this location hearkened back to the days when the party used to be at the SKY club (what a view). And it sooo much dominated the last couple year’s event at the Maritime and that hipster Asian-themed joint downstairs, whose name I’m not recalling at the moment…

The food? Spectacular – I especially enjoyed the many high quality cheeses and perfectly ripe fruit (almost like we were in Hawaii or something). Come to think of it, I probably should have eaten a little more, but perhaps if I rave about this enough, they’ll next year do a repeat performance and I’ll get to chow down a little harder next year. The drinks? Full, no-host bars – about 6 or 8 of them spread out luxuriously throughout the space, always short lines, serving top-shelf stuff. I did over hear some woman ordering McCallan 12 year and coke (which made my eyes roll and reminded me that New York will always be New York…) The catering staff was terrific and actually seemed like they cared, which always helps.

Some nice awards were handed out by various vendors, Epson, Nikon, Canon, and others, to some very deserving winners. If you didn’t catch my earlier post touting some of the Annual’s heroes, check it here. Gene Mopsik of ASMP fame handed announced a really nice award, the ASMP/Arnold Newman Prize, to Chris Buck. Chris’ celebrity portraits are always on the mark.

I owe thanks to editor Jill Waterman who snapped me out of yapping in the corner with friends in the nick of time, saving me from an embarrassing absence on stage for the winners photo (oops).

Overall, huge props to Lauren Wendle, VP and publisher of PDN for her hospitality, and one must certainly give a shout out to the sharply-dressed John Gimenez, who, if I understand things correctly, pretty much executed this thing from the ground up. Kudos to you and your party plan.

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