Seattle Post-Intelligencer Story

Saturday, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper (aka the Seattle P.I.) filled the cover of it’s Life and Arts section plus an inside page, with–low and behold–a lifestyle feature about yours truly. PI Journalist, Kristin Dizon, and photographer, Scott Ecklund, collaborated on the piece. Dizon -a talented writer- was waaaay thorough, focusing on the present, but also unearthing things I did way back (gasp!)in freakin’ high school. Many parts are spot on, other parts over-simplified, and some parts are downright embarrassing; but regardless, it’s nice to see photography getting recognized in the mass media. A rising tide floats all the boats I hope. Thus, if you’re up for a quick read, or at least getting some dirt on me from the 80’s, the Seattle PI story is here.

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