RSS Feeds – What They Are and Why You Like Them

It’s been said, “There are two types of Internet users. Those who use RSS feeds, and those who don’t.”

The topic of RSS feeds came up at the Blogging Panel I participated in last week and the question didn’t get enough time on the docket. So, for any new friends tuning in from that venue, or for anyone else who’s a little timid and unsure how to approach RSS, check out this fun, and casual three minute video by Lee LeFever describing RSS in plain English. It could change the way you stay updated with online content.

Now, if that smooth vid helped things along and you think you might want to try it out, subscribe to the Chase Jarvis Blog feed, complements of Feedburner. Or, if you want to check out a nifty tutorial on using RSS with the Safari browser, here’s quick post on that compliments of CreativeTechs, complete with animation. Incidentally, CreativeTechs were the inspiration for this post too.

Lastly, if you think all this is nuts (“it’s Monday — I don’t have time to learn new stuff!”) but want to receive Chase Jarvis Blog updates in your inbox instead, just throw your email addy in the rectangle in the upper right corner and click ‘subscribe’.

(Depending on your reader, RSS folk can get the vid here.)

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