Shocking Design Spectrum

I like popular culture a lot. I’m a junkie with respect to it… I also like design, technology, branding, and athletics among lots of other things. And it’s a collision of several of things interests that brought me to want to post this quick entry. I was shocked this morning–when perusing my daily must-hits online–and I stumbled on the following two things back to back.

First thing, I’d not seen before. Second item, I’ve seen many many times, even lusted over, but hadn’t caught the commercial online. These two items and everything they stand for stood so sharply in contrast to one another that I felt compelled to share ‘em…

A) The worst logo ever; certainly the worst OLYMPIC logo ever, multiplied by 1000.

B) One of the more exciting, enticing designs in quite some time:

Regarding A: I can’t believe that the UK Olympic Committee paid 400k British Pounds ($800k dollars) to develop it over the course of a year@ Read what some people think.

Regarding B: I can’t wait till June 29th!!

Isn’t the spectrum in quality of design amazing? These two things juxtaposed seem totally absurd. How could one thing be so crappy and the other so dreamy? The range is amazing.

How much thought have you given your brand/look/functionality/design/effectiveness?

(Saw it first on Seth bright and early this morning, but love the multi-link idea from a few days ago, David)

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