The iPhone Report Card – A Resource

I overheard someone at the LAX airport yesterday saying how cliche it was to blog about the iPhone. Blasphemy! That struck me as really obtuse, since one of the things blogs do best is address popular culture events quickly, relevantly, and with an unfiltered punch. So in your face, airport guy. I say it’s not cliche to blog about it, it’s probably more of a faux pas (keeping with the French…) for me NOT to, especially given how excited most of the people I associate with are about this little gadget.

Okay, question: Do I have an iPhone? Yes. We procured them yesterday, the release day, for everyone on our staff. BUT, get this: I don’t have mine in hand yet – its back at the studio, sitting, waiting for me. I haven’t touched it, smelled it, coddled it, made a call, nothing, because Scott, Mario, and I are 10,000 miles away on a job in New Zealand for two weeks. It’s an exercise in patience, I assure you.

So the purpose of this post is two-fold:
1)it’s mildly selfish in that I want to hear your opinions of this new gadget so I can live vicariously through you; but
2) it’s really more about putting together a quick forum/reference for the iPhone havers AND those who don’t but are curious and need info.

Just like my earlier post about buying a point-and-shoot camera that–thanks to your numerous and robust entries to the comments section–turned into a killer resource, let’s do something similar here for the iPhone. If you have opinions, experiences, questions, links, or reviews you’d like to share, please leave comments. Remember you can do so with your name/login OR anonymously.

I’ll kick it off. Here’s some stuff I read.
-Boingboing’s got a dissected iPhone, along with numerous reviews and links.
-TEDBlog highlights NY Times Tech columnist David Pogue’s humorous take on it.
-Someone from CNNMoney is clearly not happy with their iPhone.
-Technorati obviously has plenty of info too.

That should get us started. But while news stories and reviews are nice, don’t forget there’s nothing that can replace a personal story or helpful insight from you. Do share. I want to return to the States (and my iPhone) completely prepared. Thanks in advance for your help.

[BTW, Dartanyon and Cody–aka ‘the new guy’ at our office whose video interview is coming soon to the staff page–shot a one minute ambient video clip just walking down the line of people many hundreds deep at the Seattle Apple store if for some reason you’d like to see how ridiculous it was there…]

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