Cornicopea of Speedlinks

-I love that Mikhail Gorbachev will soon be a poster-boy for Louis Vuitton. StateoftheArt tells us the campaign is coming in September. Smart advertising I think (funny smart, not Einstein smart). What does this say about our appetite for celebrity?

-Please sign this digital petition to make it easier/possible to continue to photograph and film in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg’s Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting is set to begin requiring a $1 million insurance policy on August 2nd for all shooters. Fine for pros who typically get a permit, but what about amateurs, videographers, etc? A blatant assault. More detailed article here at the Jones Report. Help crush this b/s.

-I continue to be impressed with David Airey’s design, blogging, tech, net, etc blog. BTW, he’s currently updating our logo.

-Since you’re already a big fan, you probably know that Strobist launched in Espanol.

-The iPhone can now control your computer. (See my earlier post on the iPhone).

-Speaking of Apple Computer, the AppleTV is cool. I’ve got one at home and we’re integrating another one into our new studio (under construction). CreativeTechs are so smart, they tell you how to display your photos or design as a portfolio theater in your studio.

-Senior maverick writer, Kevin Kelly from Wired Magazine has an interesting piece on claiming that technology is the 7th Kingdom of Life, called Technium.

-Get your Big Lebowski action figures.

-Thanks to the new friends who have recently been linking here:
PDN Pulse, PDN Magazine’s swell new blog.
RandClay Design Blog, smart, juicy design blog.
Lightheavyweight, Finn McKenty’s design, branding and marketing insights
What’s the Jackanory?, an Irishman living in NYC blogging about photography.
PsuedoFish Design Blog, design blog.
Daily Pennsylvanian Photo Department Blog, the University of Pennsylvania’s indie newspaper blog
SensorNoise, new-ish New Zealand photographer’s blog
Paul Galipeau is a Chase Jarvis Blog reader who petitioned for a free t-shirt and ended up convincing me to send him one. He’s been wearing it for weeks on end as he covers a global warming story near the arctic circle for CBS. He sent a photo from somewhere near the North Pole wearing it…(btw, support the Blue Earth Alliance.)
Wirehead, an eclectic guy with wires in his brain.

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