Design, Law, Technology, Vodka, and Art – Something For Everyone

The title of this post should really read: “Design, Law, Technology, Vodka, and Art – Something For Everyone [To Help Me Dig Out From The Past Two Weeks]”, but I figured the whole “Dig Out…” part was a bit too much. The gist of the title I spared you, as you might imagine, is that the last couple weeks have been crazy. It’s why I’ve just had the longest run (15 days, gasp!) in the history of this blog without a post.

Sometimes gaps are bad. Other times, gaps are good. And in this case, I think it’s a good gap because there are now an additional 20,000 images in my collection, 20,000 more frequent flyer miles in my United 1k account, and about the same number of ideas in my beady little head to get into this blog as a result. So consider this a fair warning to expect a little more from me in your RSS feed or your inbox over the forthcoming few weeks.

So, without further ado, here’s a smattering of items from a couple disparate genres in hopes of tickling a few different parts of your brain:

-First, I figure it’s high time to share that several months ago we purchased a new commercial space that will soon be home to our new studio. We’re pouring great design, construction, and technology into a killer build-out which will be completed in August. More on that soon, but here’s an early picture of construction mayhem to give you a sense of what’s up:

-Second, I was a guest panelist last week at the 2nd annual Microsoft Pro Photo Summit. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s a two-day gathering of industry professionals–photographers, hardware and software manufacturers, celebrities, pundits, and kooks like me–where one can find insightful panel discussions, theoretical and practical musings of photo-related stuff, and some good ol’ schmoozing. I spoke on the Copyright and Orphan Works panel and mostly blabbed on about the state and evolution of copyright, my recent legal victory in the 9th Circut Court of Appeals, and what all this stuff means to you and me. Other people said lots of smart stuff and the discussion was generally very spirited. The fancy folks at Microsoft filmed the entire event and I’m hoping that they release much of the content via podcast soon (you guys listening over there??). I’ll let you know. It was a real treat getting to visit with so many wonderful photo-industry folks in such a short time. Thanks again to the event organizers Costas, Tim, and Mike for putting on a good show again this year. BTW, if you haven’t checked out Photosynth, (or if you want to know how important all the pictures YOU’RE taking right now will some day be…) you should take a peek.

-Third, I like a good vodka. If you’re not familiar with 42 Below you should check it out, it’s amazing. Their advertising is really out there, but the spirit is really the bee’s knees. Note 1: it’s very hard to find in the USA. Note 2: if you can track some down, try the Feijoa flavor (a fruit not found in North America) on the rocks, splash of soda, generous squeeze of lemon. That particular cocktail is called a Possum Hunt and comes very highly recommended by me.

-Fourth, I just finished a job in New Zealand. Breathtaking place with lovely people. I shoot there whenever possible. The following photo is not from my most recent trip, but is from an earlier October 2006 visit. I stumbled across it on my laptop on the plane home and was inspired to share it.

Have a great day and let me know what you think if you have a spare minute.

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