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Many topics in photography, design, or art are perfect for the bite-size chunks we expect from blogs. Other deeper concepts such as creative vision, business strategy, motivation, etc, are complex and often require more than a couple paragraphs in a column. That’s why the nice guys over at have begun posting audio files from full-on interviews with some photographers. They ask probing questions that demand longer, in-depth answers.

I was happy to spend an hour chatting on the phone with those guys recently. Thus, if you’ve got some time and can stomach listening to me blab from the hammock in my backyard, check out Chase Jarvis interview here. Not unlike how the guys from Cartalk diagnose your automobile’s inner workings, Bill and Ed humorously probed at my creative process, mistakes, style, strategy, and more.

You can listen in your browser or download as a podcast. I’m told that the interview really begins at the 11 minute mark.

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