One Camera That Money Can’t Buy

I was just reading/responding to a great discussion from an earlier post herein about buying point and shoot cameras (43 comments and rising), when an intriguing video clip I saw a while ago popped back into my head. I figured the older post with all its techi-ness and commercialism (it features nearly every brand including Nikon, Canon, Leica, Pentax, Rioch, Panasonic, Fuji et al) would juxtapose nicely against this post featuring a new, entirely different camera. This technology is something you can’t get off the shelf, and it’s not for sale. It’s The Living Camera, and his name is Steven Wiltshire.

Now allow yourself to be distracted from your normal Monday routine for 5 minutes to get a taste of just how powerful the human mind can be:

(Depending on your RSS reader you may need to see the video here.)

Shin says:

Thank you Eric, Many thanks for those templates.

Achrd says:

Great work! Thank You for sharing!

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garycompton says:

money can’t buy but you can rent the camera for a small fee… pretty amazing what the human mind is capable of especially by someone who some would label handicapped

Chase Jarvis says:

Leonardo: apparently, even superhumans aren’t perfect ;)

Chase Jarvis says:

Nicholaus: thanks for stalking! Glad to have you a part of the conversation now…

Leonardo says:

He Messed Up The Pantheon ;)

Been blog stalking you for months now. Highly inspiring stuff….and truly amazing frikking work.

Absolutely incredible. It takes my breath away. I have an autistic nephew and now I only wonder about what hidden jewel he has inside to share later.

Chase Jarvis says:

Gimlet: thanks for the posting the link here – I had meant to include it in the blog entry, but spaced it.

(community at work! – nice!! ;)

Chase Jarvis says:

Carson: get me offline at the info@ email addy or on the phone at the Seattle studio number. I’d be happy to help.

gimlet up says:

Unbelievable. This post led me to look up Steven’s website here:

Thanks for sharing.

Adam says:

That guy rocks! Nice find Chase. That’s really inspiring in a human potential kind of way.

Shambala Sun says:

This is amazing. Such a gift to have. This video makes me reflect not only on the beauty of the human spirit, but that potential that we all have within us to express and share. Thank you for sharing it with us.

eck says:

my jaw is on the floor! that is truly amazining. thanks for sharing.

echard wheeler

bmillios says:

Holy smokes.

Just when you think you’re something special, somebody like this comes along.

That is amazing. Thanks for sharing, Chase. I’ll definitely be passing this along.

Chase Jarvis says:

Rothstafari: I absolutely think it’s in all of us. We need to harness that stuff! Something tells me that TV and junk food isn’t helping things ;)

Bryan.Roth says:

Truly incredible. I wonder if, somehow, we all have a similar ability and it is just buried deep inside. Based on the fact that most of us do quite poorly at remembering most things, I’d say it is probably buried way deep, at best. Thanks for sharing the video.

Chase Jarvis says:

Simon and Anon: I found this guy amazing. And yes, I believe it’s not disputed that he’s for real.

While it’s not as exotic as this guy, I once knew an really interesting autistic boy who could tell you in 2 seconds or less the exact day of the week your birthday in any year past, present or future with 100% accuracy. It was amazing…

Carson Blume says:

WOW! I just wonder how long before his mind can hold all that information.

I need to talk to you about a project I am working on, I am going to be in Seattle mid September a few days working with an engineering company for a Product line that I am working on. I would really love your input on the line.

Anonymous says:

Is this for real?

Simon says:


I’ve heard of this guy’s london drawings before, but never seen this video. super cool!

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