Much Afoot and–Oh Yeah–Canon vs. Nikon

Alas, there is much afoot at the moment. I know a handful of things:

1. I’ll be delivering the keynote address in Atlanta on October 2nd for the PDN series On The Road. It just so happens that it coincides with the very cool annual festival Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Consider registering for one of the On the Road tour stops. If you’re tired of hearing me yap, at least check out some other photogs I enjoy, like my homies Vince and Doug. The series continues thru December.

2. We’re finally moving into our new studio digs! It’s waaay premature – contractors crawling all over the place – but we’re hosting Greendrinks there on this Tuesday with the BEA, so I figured it would be nice if there was something in there besides drywall dust when the people showed up. A while ago I linked to construction pictures in a recent speedlinks post, but whoa Nelly, has it transformed since then. I’ll post new pics soon.

3. This Scientific Study of Gangster Rap was totally absurd but had me in stitches. The comments are priceless.

4. Is this a puff piece, or is David Levi Strauss really onto something? Good photography/art critics are hard to come by…

5. I was recently sandwiched between Posh Spice and Ashley Simpson. Funny, but I have no idea… Writer Rob Thurman is very witty, uber prolific, and I’m grateful for the link. That said, I don’t think I’ll be sipping champagne cocktails at Chateau Marmont any time soon.

6. And saving the best for last, what photo-related blog wouldn’t be complete without the debate, Canon vs. Nikon. I couldn’t stomach engaging in the discussion over the recent new camera announcements in the thick of it, but now that it’s old news, I want to beat that dead horse. And to help me beat that horse, you should check Canon’s video and Nikon’s response. Do all these camera glamor shot videos just seem like dSLR camera-porn, or is it just me?

BTW, what are you more jazzed about, Nikon’s angle or Canon’s?

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