Photoshelter NYC Followup

Thanks to everyone (close to 600 peeps!) who attended the Photoshelter Town Hall event Friday at the Filmore East in NYC. Good times and lots of discussion on which to ruminate. I really enjoyed meeting so many people from this community – outta site.

Other highlights were: the audience participation, the kindness of the Photoshelter folks, the green room where I’m sure LOTS of historic stuff had happened (if those walls could talk), typo in my presentation (thanks for pointing that out – duh ;), rapping with my pal David Hobby and new friends in the bar afterwards, and most definitely connecting with my fellow panelists Catherine Talese, George Pitts, Landon Nordeman, Jen Miller, Kareem Black, and Roy Hsu. Each was inspirational to the evening and to me in their own, unique way.

Reviews/discussion of the evening can be found here:
-Pop Photography’s Blog, State of the Art
-Strobist Flickr Discussions
-What’s the Jackanory (two parts)
-The Photoshelter Blog

[And please feel free to point to other reviews/discussion on this or future Town Hall in the Comments section below…]

If you missed this event but have a chance to attend other stops on the Photoshelter Tour, you should do so. General feedback I’ve heard, read, and seen, says it’s worth a lot more than the price of admission (which is FREE). Also, the Photoshelter people plan to have video/audio available from the event very soon. I’ll link to it when they post…

And importantly, follow the above review links to also learn more about Photoshelter’s big announcement that they’ve launched a new stock agency that is “the antithesis of microstock” [or something like that…] in the words of CEO Allen Murabayashi. Andy Goetze over at has reviewed this too and graciously posted the press release. Lots of photo people seem very enthusiastic…

[btw, the above image is a trippy, into-the-lights snapshot of the crowd from the stage using my iPhone . Notice them about to throw tomatoes, riot, storm the Bastille? Kidding. GREAT participatory audience… Many thanks for your insightful questions, comments, and feedback!]

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Nice call on the Asolo boots, Chase. They’re awesome. A little off topic, though. Love that D90 testing vid you have up. Keep up the good vblogging. Cheers!

The most enjoyable thing about watching the Photoshelter vid here in the Maldives (apart from the fact I could watch it thanks to the Internet), was hearing a photographer being so upbeat and positive about the industry.

Sometimes I feel drowned out by all those bemoaning what is happening to photographers and the industry. I guess for some it is easier to focus on what is not happening for them as artists/business people, than to REALLY focus on what they need to do, to compete in today’s marketplace.

So thanks Chase, it was a pleasure to hear something positive for a change.

Georgios says:

Congrats on a great keynote. Just a quick question. The video podcast doesn’t seem to be working properly on this one and neither is the 32 questions interview. Anyone having a similar problem? It looks as if it’s downloaded but the video halts around half way through. Just wondering if it’s me or a central problem. Thanks!

Chase Jarvis says:

Dominic: Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots. Link here:

Chase Jarvis says:

Thanks! The $1000 dollars went to the President of the NYC chapter of the ASPP (american society of picture professionals) to be used to establish a mentor program (established photog helping noobs).

Cool huh!

Anonymous says:

A solid performance! (I saw it over on strobist.) Just one question, and excuse me if it’s too forward, but:
What was the 1000$ suggestion?

dominic says:

Chase, I meant to ask you this when the NZ video originally went up… So what brand/model are the “Best hiking boots, ever.”?

They look pretty solid from the short glimpse I saw.

Bastian Ehl says:

Chase, you hold an amazing speech. Totally inspiring. Thank you.


Just watched the “Frowns Upside Down” presentation you gave at PhotoShelter Photography 2.0 NY on the Photoshelter blog. I got a lot out of it. I only regret you chose to present at NY vs SF where I’ll be in attendance. The videos were a little anti-climatic only because I’ve watched them numerous times already. I thought the concept of shooting “what you want to be taking” was great. I kept telling myself as I watched, “I should do that!”. Of course now I realize I’m at the point I only shoot for myself as I try work my way into doing this as a profession. Livin’ it. Lovin’ it. Stepin’ it up. Thanks.

colin says:

Hey Chase, When are we going to see photos of your new studio. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to enjoy it a little bit.

Brian Babb says:

Thank you for an inspiring presentation!

I attended the Photoshelter event in NYC. (First time in the city, too!)

I have to say, it was a complete blast and worth attending! I got to speak with you shortly after your segment and have to reiterate that it was a pleasure listening to you. Many things that you said struck a chord with me, both in relation to photography and philosophy in general.

I’ve been going through a transformation lately and your words really hit home. Again, thanks!

brian faini says:

I will definitely be viewing the videos upon the posting. I will have to tack them on to my weekly viewings.

I feel like Photoshelter will handle themselves well.

I wanna thank you for the link to Landon’s work, I am very happy with it.

Chase Jarvis says:

No worries, Brian. PHotoshelter is posting it via video, as will I. It’s never the same as in person, but you’ll get a sense. The buzz that evening was generally really solid.

Additionally, looking forward to seeing how the Photoshelter launch handles the newfound pressure – I’m sure they’ll kick ass.

brian faini says:

I heard good things about your appearance. Makes me feel worse about not being able to attend the upcoming events in Atlanta.

I am glad to hear about the PhotoShelter stock agency. Hopefully it will help rid the world of a few microstock/royalty-free agencies. (*cough cough*) They dont do much to help the world of commercial photography.

We watched Getty’s stock fall a fair amount this week due to their unintelligent move.
Maybe they were just helping out PhotoShelter with their move. Photographers will be flocking in droves.

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