Photoshelter NYC Followup

Thanks to everyone (close to 600 peeps!) who attended the Photoshelter Town Hall event Friday at the Filmore East in NYC. Good times and lots of discussion on which to ruminate. I really enjoyed meeting so many people from this community – outta site.

Other highlights were: the audience participation, the kindness of the Photoshelter folks, the green room where I’m sure LOTS of historic stuff had happened (if those walls could talk), typo in my presentation (thanks for pointing that out – duh ;), rapping with my pal David Hobby and new friends in the bar afterwards, and most definitely connecting with my fellow panelists Catherine Talese, George Pitts, Landon Nordeman, Jen Miller, Kareem Black, and Roy Hsu. Each was inspirational to the evening and to me in their own, unique way.

Reviews/discussion of the evening can be found here:
-Pop Photography’s Blog, State of the Art
-Strobist Flickr Discussions
-What’s the Jackanory (two parts)
-The Photoshelter Blog

[And please feel free to point to other reviews/discussion on this or future Town Hall in the Comments section below…]

If you missed this event but have a chance to attend other stops on the Photoshelter Tour, you should do so. General feedback I’ve heard, read, and seen, says it’s worth a lot more than the price of admission (which is FREE). Also, the Photoshelter people plan to have video/audio available from the event very soon. I’ll link to it when they post…

And importantly, follow the above review links to also learn more about Photoshelter’s big announcement that they’ve launched a new stock agency that is “the antithesis of microstock” [or something like that…] in the words of CEO Allen Murabayashi. Andy Goetze over at has reviewed this too and graciously posted the press release. Lots of photo people seem very enthusiastic…

[btw, the above image is a trippy, into-the-lights snapshot of the crowd from the stage using my iPhone . Notice them about to throw tomatoes, riot, storm the Bastille? Kidding. GREAT participatory audience… Many thanks for your insightful questions, comments, and feedback!]

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