Information R/evolution

Our in-house tech wizard and all around genius utility player, Dartanyon, unearthed this last week and it’s been in my mental queue since then to share. Kansas State guru Michael Wesch blesses us with another smart vid on the changes in -and power of- information.

Update: just popped over to BoingBoing – they just posted it there this morning too, but they wisely added this link as well to Michael Wesch’s earlier short about Web 2.0. AND For the two people (Jay M. and Michael R.) who emailed me last week asking what “photography 2.0″ was from my Photoshelter Talk — see if you can watch Michael’s earlier clip and extrapolate the answer for yourself.

Chase Jarvis says:

Martini: glad the 2.0 ethic is catching on !

Martini says:

When I started to watch this video I honestly thought it was put together by you and your team because it reflects your philosophy about the web 2.0 and the need for us to learn to share and embrace change.

Jacob says:

This prompted me to do a little more Web 2.0 You-tubing.

Supermarket 2.0, anyone?

Cody H. says:

I agree with klifton, its amazing that we have a constantly evolving network that went from brick and mortar, to ones and zeros in our pockets in the span of a decade. Media Centers are clearly the direction that Apple and Microsoft are heading towards. I still don’t know what to think of the big ass tables. :)

Chase Jarvis says:

klifton: couldn’t agree more with what you say about TV – only to qualify it further – the merging of TV and the net will be quite interesting… Notice all the players wanting a piece: google, apple, sony, the news/cable companies, etc.

Jacob says:

I love stuff like this that makes me think. My sister (the question asking librarian) said they watch these in her classes as well.

It makes me think waaay out there, which is good. I’m in the middle of lining up a creative shoot that I’m doing for me – seeing stuff like this fuels that fire.

pjbarford says:

such a great video……

just look around, the world is our oyster. I mean if I wanna learn something I can just go on the web, and bam with a little hard work I’ve learnt it. When I think back to my school days it just really hits me how much learning is being affected by technology. Information empowers, the proof you can see everywhere, especially on photography sites/forums where kids are just blowing your mind with what they are doing.

Like the rest of yous, I just wanna be part of it.

Carson Blume says:

As long as we are doing the thinking and not letting the computers start thinking for us.


Klifton K says:

[turns the volume down] [as to finish morning coffee and reading the paper] [goes to clean black ink off hands after reading yesterday’s news]

Dewey Decimal, who?

It’s amazing how much information has changed in just a few years.

Not long ago, I would read the World Book for information… Then it was the encyclopedia on CD-ROM, now the possibilities are limitless to gain information in a short period of time, from 8 different viewpoints for no more cost and effort than having an internet connection.

The final frontier will be television I think… I think we’ll be seeing huge changes in the way a/v entertainment is handled over the next decade.

Now we just need to keep developing better ways to convey our message with photography. Change can be difficult, but exciting… :)

Chase Jarvis says:

Davis: true about photographers, but I’d argue that it’s about humans generally too…

Chase Jarvis says:

This spurs me to learn and share. You?

Davis Woody says:

Digital media has crated a whole new way to look at technology. A photographers, we have to make sure we are riding the wave or we’re going to drown.

Jason Wallis says:

Crazy how fast life has changed for us. Information is king as well it levels the playing field for those that harness it. What does this spur you to do Chase?

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