Photoshelter Redux

Old News: I delivered they keynote talk at the Photoshelter Town Hall event in NYC a few weeks ago. The swell folks over at Photoshelter posted the full 55-minute yap session (grab some popcorn and a beer or 3…) some time ago.

Redux: Apparently, there have been a number of reported hiccups with the servers/host being slow or delivering incomplete downloads (although I should go on record saying that I think Brightcove is generally great). As a result, many have asked me to provide alternate viewing options. Given that, we’ve just embedded another complete version of the talk below. Check it out if you didn’t get it the first time around.

Redux Part 2: My earlier Photoshelter wrap-up entry linked to a bunch of reviews, discussions, stories and stuff from of the event, all of which were really positive. I’m comforted to report that I’ve since –over at APhotoEditor (a blog I regularly enjoy, and highly recommend to photographers)– discovered some commentors who know that I totally suck. So, if you’re like me and seek balanced reporting, you should consider offsetting the positive stuff by reading some comments from people I thoroughly confused and those who found my talk unwatchable.

Either way, by request, here’s the whole dealio again for those that missed it (And see if you can spot the naked cowboy’s cameo too!):

ChaseJarvis CURRENT: Photoshelter NYC

[RSS readers can see the vid here.]

[Oh, and for the complete redux maximus, I forgot to link to the Photoshelter NYC Panel (1hr 7min) featuring some talented and inspiring friends from the industry (photogs, ADs, PEs, and the like) for a spirited discussion on the state of the photo industry.

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