Summary: $1.32 Million, Used Shoes, Topless Babes, Apple + HP, and Superman

Okay. Let’s pretend that each of the following speedlinks corresponds to a day of the work week. Think stereotypical work days here. Hang with me on this…

Monday. Mondays can catch you off guard. Sometimes with bad news, but other times with good news. This feels like a Monday link:

Did you hear? Seattle-based photographer Lloyd Shugart wins 1.32 million dollars in the first noted victory for photography under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Lesson here? Register your images. If this sort of stuff interests you, read about my ongoing thingie with K2 and/or watch the Photoshelter 2.0 Panel discussion that comments on the topic.

Tuesday. Tuesdays can be funny and wierd. Thus, this here feels like a Tuesday link:

Okay, I get a lot of email, but this was the funniest one from last week. Someone asked for me to send them a pair of my shoes. Seriously. Here’s their message:

Chase, I’ve just seen the NYC Photoshelter footage and decided to see how far i can go with my images and Business if I walk the Chase walk.

In part of the NYC Photoshelter footage I found out that we share the same shoe size….so how better to walk a mile in another mans shoes than actually walk in his shoes…….Chase, send me your shoes…..

1763 [xxxxx] Lane

Cheers, Russ
Russell Byrne

That being funny and witty and cool and weird, you get props from me. You’ve walked my talk Russ–you got my attention for sure–And for it, I’m actually planning on sending you a pair of shoes. And you more than deserve a link: see the photography behind this nice guy who wants my old shoes at Russell Byrne Photography.

Wednesday. Wednesdays are cool because they’re called “hump days”. Thus, when I think about humps, I think about several things. That’s part of what make this playful link featuring a topless babe perfect for hump day.

(Thanks, David)

Thursdays seem to me to be a day where a lot of useful information seems to move around on the net. That’s what makes this feel like the perfect Thursday link:

Apple and HP are at it again, doing good for photographers, and doing it for free. They present… IMAGES: organize. edit. print. It’s a free 3 hour seminar coming to a city near you. Looks to be a good one with lots of experts on hand. Register now, as seats are limited. Poster here, cities and dates below:

-Boston (Oct 23)
-San Francisco (Oct 30)
-San Diego (Nov 13)
-Culver City (Nov 15)
-Miami (Nov 27)
-New York (Dec 5 & 6)

Friday. Alas, Fridays are meant for some good ol’ light hearted (brainless?) fun. That’s what makes this a Friday link:

Surprisingly-entertaining online Photography Game (that’s right!) featuring the one and only, Superman. You must play. It’s Friday. I scored 55. You?

Have a great weekend.

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