Chase Jarvis Videos on iTunes

I’m excited to report that we have an iTunes video podcast–in iPod/iPhone resolution (lower res) and AppleTV resolution (higher res)–available for download immediately for FREE. All our videos that have been posted to this blog are now available there (along with one that hasn’t!). Check them out here:

Chase Jarvis iTunes Video Podcast for iPod/iPhone (Smaller file size)

Chase Jarvis iTunes Video Podcast for AppleTV
(Larger file size)

Hit the “subscribe” button to get the new episodes as they’re posted.

We’ve actually had podcasts up there for a while as sort of a soft launch (for some basic testing and what not) without having posted it here; however, we learned recently (after getting a call from our host about a large bandwidth jump ;) that plenty of our friends had already “discovered” it and that downloads were whizzing along nicely. Hallelujah for the innernets!

For the record, we’re still really pleased with the YouTube angle. But hopefully this popular, supplementary format works well for those of us who want to put some vids in our pocket for later. It can also be especially nice for being on the road, for the longer format stuff (like Chase Jarvis CURRENT: Photoshelter NYC), or for the stuff where it might be helpful to pause and rewind a bunch on a particular image to reverse engineer the lighting or whatnot, (eg. Chase Jarvis FRAMES: Hasselblad Masters.)

Anyway, if everything is working hunky dory and this new addition is a good thing let me know in the comments section below. Or, conversely, if anything is amiss please holler.

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