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I’m sure you’re familiar with this phenomena: every once in a while you’ll scroll through your iPod with its 10, 20, 80, 160 gigs of music or whatever, and you won’t find anything that sparks you at that moment. 10,000 songs and nothing jumps out at you. Certainly there’s some great stuff in there, but every so often, we all need a wakeup call – something bold and new. Well, that’s me right now, only with blogs. I’m in need of something to snap me out of this little rut I’m in.

Therefore, I’d like to humbly call on the power of this community to throw me a few bones. (Turns out that this is a great 2.0 nod that will benefit us all, and such things have been helpful in the past…) Simply put, I’d love to know what you’re reading online. Photography, art, film, design, music, popular culture, or anything related – it all qualifies. Take 20 seconds and–in the comments section below–please post a link, a review, a name, a sentence, two words, whatever – something, anything about your favorite blog(s), so that I can make your favorite(s) my new favorite(s). You can post anonymously or under your blogger name, no matter. This is not an exercise in pretentiousness or obscurity – everything has merit. I promise to visit each sincere link that gets posted here and I’ll heap lavish amounts of praise (and perhaps a t-shirt and maybe even a pair of shoes ;) upon whomever turns me onto a new favorite nugget that’s not already in my RSS reader.

Thanks in advance for your time.

[And, btw if you’re into this sort of thing, you might want to consider ticking that little box in the comments section below that pings you via email (“Email follow-up comments to…”) when this post receives comments.]

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