A Farewell.

Not a farewell from me to you, but farewell from my web host to me.

After 10 years of a great relationship, my host Seanet fired me today. Please read:

Good Afternoon Chase,

My name is Jenny and I am part owner of Seanet. We currently host your website chasejarvis.com.

It has come to my attention that in the past two weeks the traffic to your website became significantly higher than usual. It has been increasing with each day and by now your traffic constitutes 10% of our total bandwidth. Many of our other customers are being affected by this and, with the holiday season being very busy time of the year for us, this problem added extra load to our technical department.

I am sorry to inform you but we are no longer able to accommodate your website. We greatly appreciate your business through out the years.

I would greatly appreciate if you could make arrangements to move your website by the 22nd of January.

Thank you for your time.

Jenny Klimenko
Seanet Corp.


First a note about Seanet: they have been an incredible partner to chasejarvis.com for more than 10 years. They were hosting large photo files for me long before it was reasonable to do so, and they grew and evolved my hosting solution–generously–as my site grew and evolved. Whenever anyone from our studio called to resolve an issue, a human being answered the phone – which is almost unheard of in today’s times. Sincerely, the people there are nice and their service is wonderful. Hats off to them for running a great business, and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to someone looking for a hospitable host.

Second: We’re 10% of a sizable, 14 year old ISP’s TOTAL BANDWIDTH? Holy crap! Although it’s been brewing/growing for a long while it seems like that happened overnight. Let this serve as a reminder to this blog’s community that we’re actually a part of something reasonably exciting. I’m honored and extremely thankful for what we’ve built together–from the ground up–in just one quick year. While numbers are nowhere close the sole measure of some thing’s worth, they’re a reasonable indication that we’re doing something rather than nothing. Traffic has been growing steadily for some time. As a small example: 100,000 people watched our packing video in less than 30 days since posting.


Seriously. And the rest of the math (that I won’t bore you with) is equally shocking.

I certainly don’t know where this is all going, but I’m having a blast and hope you are too. Thanks for a great 2007. Here’s looking forward to a swell 2008.

Happy New Year.

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