Hunter/Gatherer: More Speedlinks

-The burning Yule Log on your screen. Not too much going on this week? For keeping “virtually” warm with the crackle of a nice fire: Remember years ago when they started broadcasting that fire on the TV? Now you can have it in your office, on your laptop, in your pocket, or on your flatscreen at home. Download the original Yule Log Video for iPod here. The high res for your bigger screen is here at CreativeTechs have the complete post.

-Blue Earth Alliance Call for Projects: Blue Earth Alliance sponsors photography projects that educate the public about threatened cultures, endangered environments and other social concerns. If your project meets this mission, you are invited to apply for sponsorship. Blue Earth, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, offers fiscal sponsorship to projects permitting them to receive tax deductible contributions from foundations and individuals. Blue Earth provides assistance with project organization and mentorship, raising funds, outlets for their work and publicity. Blue Earth accepts proposals twice a year — the next submission deadline is January 21, 2007. See guidelines here. (Disclosure – I’m on the Board of Directors – which doesn’t mean squat as far as disclosures go).

-Want to protect your iPhone without stealing its sexiness? The Invisible Shield is here. It’s pretty fly actually – my friend Jake has one. Just the right amount of protection and stickiness. $25.

-Leave it to BMW. Sure it’s the ultimate driving machine – which is all about actually driving, but in the event that you sometime don’t want to drive, you will soon be able to let the car drive for you, at speeds greater that 100mph:

-Hasselblad just posted a fancy release featuring yours truly as the wrap up for the 2007 Hasselblad Masters. For some work that’s more worthy of your eyeballs, skip my stuff and head to the bottom of the page for some links to the great work of my peers.

-The shopping list we generated from the Packing Video seems to be doing its job. If you recall, we’re donating 100% of the proceeds (a couple % of each item sold) from the Amazon Affiliate shopping cart program to a local Seattle charity. We’ve raised a couple hundred bucks since posting just a couple weeks ago. The original plan was to actually donate goods today, but I’ve since learned that it’s better for the charity if we wait till after the new year. So we’ll keep you posted in the meantime. Beyond that, if you got some holiday mad-money burning a hole in your pocket and you want to pickup that Lowepro pack, we’ll keep the offer open until we donate, sometime in January.

-Some good “end of the year”, “best of 2007″, “coming in 2008″ entries already popping up:
PDNPulse – aggregate of some photos of the year
PopPhoto Flash – photography books worth reading
PRWeb – 20 magazines to watch in 2008
LA Times – Best news shots of 2007
Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best of 2007
Strobist Photos of the Year – I’m a sucker for anything David does. Check it out for sure – he’s revealing the top 5 shots, one at a time till New Years
Reuters – Pictures of the Year 2007

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