5 Best Deals In Town

5. The Nikon 50mm 1.8AF Yeah, I know it’s plastic, but it has beautiful optics. And at $110 bucks, it’s a steal. I own one and love it.

4. $75 Portfolio Review with Joerg over at Conscientious. If you’re a fine art photographer and want feedback from a wise man with good perspective, connect with Joerg. This price seems incredibly low to me, so move quickly.

3. ASMP.org’s Strictly Business 2 Conference. This weekend-long conference is tops for handing out business advice to photographers. At $200 for ASMP members, and $300 for non-members, it might be perceived as steep by some, but I assure you it’s a relative bargain for those who are serious about a career in the biz. (Caveat: if you don’t live/have a couch to crash on in Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Chicago, you could have to eat some travel expenses too. I still believe it’s worth the bucks to learn a thing or two that could save you beaucoup time and $$ down the road.)

2. $45 bulk copyright registration. Bulk registration allows you register as many unpublished images as you can fit on a DVD for one low price. For some of you, this could be your entire collection or at least a good chunk. WELL worth it. Just because copyright is on the move, don’t be foolish – it’s still king. So CYA.

1. Top of the list for sure is this DVD, gift, and action figure combo. Click around and enjoy – I bought the whole enchilada.

top10blog says:

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Josh Bobb says:

I went to the ASMP Strictly Business 2 seminar in LA a couple weekends ago. ABSOLUTELY a steal. I would’ve been willing to pay at least 4x’s the $200 (ASMP member price) that it cost.

Really inspired me to step up my game and start seriously making the transition to shooting vs. assisting/retouching.

Klas says:

just bought the 50/1.8 the other day. love love love it.

have seen some of your youtube posts, great work!

keep it up


Jacob says:

Who’da thunk, especially with the Canon version being $84 and all. I’m always amazed at how an inexpensive lens can be sharper than the “better” alternative.

However, I’m not one to arugue. The price is right.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ jacob: the 1.8 is SHARPER by every measure.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ dominic – totally hear ya on the online deal, thanks for posting the url. (I was just aim in to keep my copyright registration pitch short and pithy ;)

Jacob says:

Is it worth spending the extra on a 1.4? Or do I just buy two 1.8’s so I can stack them together and make a macro….?

I’d love to go to one of those ASMP conferences. If one shows up local, I’ll definitely consider it.

Anonymous says:

Thanks for this post, Chase. I liked the funny at the bottom, but I’m really thinking of doing something with Joerg. He has a review that someone gave him about his review posted at the same link if anyone is interested. Looks good. And the price is fair.

San Fran, CA

Great suggestions Chase! Thanks!

I’ve got to say, I feel like I’ve been “Rick-Rolled” by the number one “deal!” :)

Dominic says:

Chase, I’d like to add #6 (related to #2):

The Copyright Office is conducting a beta test of its web-based registration system, electronic Copyright Office (eCO).


and to sweeten the deal: $10 discount on filing fees – only $35.

jbphotoguy says:

I have to agree! The ASMP thing looks like a really great deal, but … I love #1! I remember that guy from the American Inventor show too … and his brief appearance on youtube. We definitely need more superheros to protect kids, to heck with those pesky super heroes who just protect adults.

Awesome Chase !

Adam Kaplan says:

Wow, definitely signing up for the conference. The student consultation sounds interesting, and is definitely a good thing, since I’m taking a portfolio class at school this semester.


Anonymous says:

Ok, 2-5 are great deals (I have the 1.8) but I’m aAALLLL over #1. Hilarious! I’ve actually seen his interview from his debut on the show American Inventor. Freaking priceless….left me in stitches. A must see (on the site or youtube ‘black cougar’)

Thanks for the laugh, Chase. Perferct timing.

You buy the combo pack?

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