5 Best Deals In Town

5. The Nikon 50mm 1.8AF Yeah, I know it’s plastic, but it has beautiful optics. And at $110 bucks, it’s a steal. I own one and love it.

4. $75 Portfolio Review with Joerg over at Conscientious. If you’re a fine art photographer and want feedback from a wise man with good perspective, connect with Joerg. This price seems incredibly low to me, so move quickly.

3. ASMP.org’s Strictly Business 2 Conference. This weekend-long conference is tops for handing out business advice to photographers. At $200 for ASMP members, and $300 for non-members, it might be perceived as steep by some, but I assure you it’s a relative bargain for those who are serious about a career in the biz. (Caveat: if you don’t live/have a couch to crash on in Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Chicago, you could have to eat some travel expenses too. I still believe it’s worth the bucks to learn a thing or two that could save you beaucoup time and $$ down the road.)

2. $45 bulk copyright registration. Bulk registration allows you register as many unpublished images as you can fit on a DVD for one low price. For some of you, this could be your entire collection or at least a good chunk. WELL worth it. Just because copyright is on the move, don’t be foolish – it’s still king. So CYA.

1. Top of the list for sure is this DVD, gift, and action figure combo. Click around and enjoy – I bought the whole enchilada.

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