Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_2

If it seems like I just posted a Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW, you’re right – but that was a whole week ago. New hotel room for me the last few days… And recall, that’s the gist of this series: to share with you my life spent largely on the road. New city, new hotel, new comrades, new adventures, new pictures to take. But there’s fun built in here too for those looking for it. To refresh you, the plan for each RWAV goes like this:

1) I post a snapshot I’ve taken from the window of whatever random hotel/motel/cabin/tent I’m staying at during my travels.

2) From that snapshot, YOU to identify where it might have been take by posting a quick answer in the comments section below. You might know the place or have gathered some hint from some online discussion somewhere where I accidentally coughed it up or planted a clue, etc. And in addition to your best guess at the location, if you’re interested, I’d like you to consider posting your URL along with your answer if you have a blog or a site or whatever (see #4).

3) After some random length of time determined by my schedule, I’ll reveal the location of the RWAV photo in a follow-up post and I’ll also post a handful of usually-these-never-see-the-light-of-day images: some gritty point-and-shoot snapshots from the same trip aimed at sharing the flavor of time on the road.

4) From the list of those who guessed the location correctly in the comments section I’ll select a few of YOUR url links (I can’t post ‘em all, but you’ll be in a lottery for posting) to share with the community in a new post, perhaps sending a few thousand friends your way (see last time’s RWAV_1: REVEALED: Paris).

The last one of these was a really good time – many got into it…65 great comments/guesses, and some very accurate – in a matter of less than 24 hours. Winners got some combo of url props, a deluge of traffic, or the odd hipster t-shirt.

Now, having reminded you of the program (this will be the last time), I’m indeed on the road again (only 72 hours btwn trips). It’s time now to guess my location in the shot above – general guesses could get you in the winner’s circle, but the more specific the better. For those of you who chided me for making the last one too easy? (even though many of your guesses were sooo vague…) This one, not so much. Good luck.

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