RWAV_2 REVEALED: Palm Springs, CA (Viceroy Hotel)

Damn. You guys are really good, and I dig your zest for RWAV. I was in fact at in Palm Springs, CA, staying in the villas at the Viceroy Hotel. Snapshots from behind the scenes are below, along with a nice selection of sites at the end of this entry from those who guessed correctly (and even some who didn’t).

Scott loves the TSA, especially when they search his suitcase for batteries, then can’t get it back together so they just bind it together with giant zip ties that could hold King Kong.

Dartanyon hides behind my martini in the Viceroy bar.

Kate gives us an early morning briefing before we head out. With us, my right hand man Scott and the client/Creative Director, Anthony.

Snap from my car to my homies’ car – photo support crew in their Suburban.

Alvin the stylist gives Sarah some lip.

The adhoc edit suite.

My iPhone glued to my head by the gazebo on an edit day.

Breakfast in the gazebo after the previous night’s wrap party.

G9 flashed thru a wine bottle at a dinner. Roman and Scott looking, well…so avant garde.

I like to play this little game called “look tough with a straw in your mouth”. I challenge people to do this and no one can succeed. Here, Cody gets close, although he looks more like Kiefer Sutherland crossed with a meth addict than a tough guy.

Pool time before flying out. Cody, Scott, my chair, Kate.

Thanks to those who guessed my location with startling accuracy:

First, Anne who guessed the hotel within 3 minutes of my posting. Some really nice shots, clean site: I like her archive.

Props to James Duncan Davidson for noting that I could wipe off Paris jet lag in the pool after a hard day’s work. JDD is great guy I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and has a swell blog.

Jay McLaughlin gets a shoutout for compositing MY dumb ass (I have no idea where he got the image of me looking like a train wreck) into the pool shot.

Brian Faini didn’t nail it, but I sent him on a funny wild goose chase in NYC last week via email so I felt bad and thus he gets a nod ;)

Ronica Design is a designer who takes really solid images.

And Rednuht had the coolest photo that I saw while perusing the posts.

N506 got within 4 inches of my location.

Thanks for the spirit y’all. Hope that my snapshots are starting to give you a flavor for the road.

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