Lawrence Lessig Interview: Photography and Creative Commons

I’m obviously an advocate for artists’ copyright and I believe strongly that it’s king in the world of photography.

I have for years, however, been cognizant of impending pressures on the perception of copyright and how it affects me and my photographer, artist, musician, designer, writer, and filmmaker friends. Like so many of us interested in the new media, I’m ecstatic about the opportunities abound and interested in sharing the content I create, but simultaneously cautious about the erosion of artists’ rights. I’m seeking the best of all worlds and working to feed a constant hunger for new and insightful solutions to the changing landscape.

In the following timely and engaging interview, photographer and fellow blogger/podcaster Jim Goldstein eloquently probes the brain of Stanford law professor, author, and founder of The Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig. Damn worth the listen:

FWIW, Jim does a superb job interviewing Lessig, firm on some points and generous on others, keeping him targeted on photography and extracting nuggets from Lessig that have previously gone un-discussed in circles where professional photography intersects Creative Commons folk. As could be expected, Lessig also is in top form.

If you’d be jazzed to put this interview in your pocket for later or repeat listening, I’d encourage you to check out Goldstein’s iTunes podcast, EXIF and Beyond. And most certainly pay a visit to Goldstein’s blog and find a way to thank him for his contributions to our growing knowledge base on this topic.

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