RWAV_3 REVEALED: New York City (Hudson Hotel)

Another impressive showing on the part of your detective skills. Seriously. I thought the darkness and the snow would throw you for a loop, but nothin’ doin’. Indeed I was in NYC, staying on floor 24 at Hudson Hotel.

I wasn’t shooting this trip, just in town for a handful of meetings. Snapshots from behind the scenes on my random travels are below, along with a nice selection of links to those uber-detectives who guessed my location correctly. Please step outside your normal routine, visit their sites and help grow the community. You never know, you might stumble on something you’ve been missing.


While checking out the galleries in Chelsea, this surreal cave entrance (errr…I mean men’s clothing store) caught my eye.

I grabbed a quick lunch (chicken and stir fried vegetables) with friends Allen Murabayashi, CEO of Photoshelter and, (low and behold) David, aka Strobist.

It was so freaking cold, that Strobist and I had to get off the sidewalk and inside for some respite. We made this junker of a deli our makeshift office for about 30 minutes (in which time David moderated 4,249 comments and I made one phone call, which got dropped, courtesy of AT&T;).

Cool little corner park on 9th at about 57th. I was distracted, and like a crow to shiny objects, these crazy shades of orange, green, and red caught my eye. I wandered off the street to grab this snap.

This is blurry just like the inside of my head was after Kate and I finished a great meal with my aunt and uncle at MOMA’s restaurant, The Modern. Far too much to drink. Notice that there are zero other people in the background? We were the very last to leave, much to the disappointment of our waiter.

The Irishman photo blogger, a pal, Andrew …the Jackanory, doing as all good photoblogs should in keeping with self-as-noun and other mandatory third person rhetoric. As he’s already reported, we grabbed a drink and swapped laughs and stories. He’s in the process of trying to swing from an editorial shooter to a commercial one. He will, I predict, succeed. In private lives, I’d say we’re certainly friends. In his blog life he does a careful job not to over-associate with me due perhaps in part to my lack of hardcore, NYC hipster photo-ness; and/or perhaps due to my taking a positive view on the photography industry (gasp! so UNcool amongst the “avant garde”!). Regardless, I think he’s a real stand-up guy, and you should check out his new Blurb book called Room With A View. The authorities would like to point out that its name, scope, and likeness being similar to this blog post series is purely coincidental. His project is a great body of work. Buy it and/or visit his site and tell him you like it.

Met up with Kate midday after some meetings, somewhere on Hudson Street–in front of EuroRSCG or Saatchi&Saatchi–for; coffee and stroll up to Chelsea in the snow.

Gallery hopping in Chelsea. Good question: What IS art?

Hats off to those who again guessed my location with startling accuracy. Many nailed it, but here’s a few standouts:

First, Rednuht (Red), who nailed the Palm Springs RWAV_2 was also on point here. It’s almost like he’s got a GPS unit stashed in my underwear. It looks like he’s added some strong new work to his Flickr Page.

Sherman Charles has some really nice landscapes on his Flickr page too.

Jameson Abart was very adroit at hunting The Chase Jarvis, although he berated me for not “step[ping] up to [staying in] the penthouse suite.” Funny thing is that I somehow stumbled into it and actually was (although I should confess that it rarely turns out that sweet…I could be happy in a tent.) Regardless, Jameson has a great shot of this really cute kid on his Flickr page.

Terrance Randall had a nice photo trip to Montana.

And to Remi whose got some nice new shots and an English version of his French site. He went the extra mile this time in pointing to the exact bathroom window from which I snapped the shot.

[UPDATE: The following paragraph is only meant to be read/responded to by those people who were given shout-outs above ;) – thanks!] If you guys would email rebekah at chase jarvis dot com, she’ll arrange for a limited edition t-shirt for each of you if we have your size in stock – pickin’s are gettin’ slim.

Thanks for the fun. And I really hope you are enjoying seeing some of my travel snaps. I’m enjoying sharing, and of course the RWAV competition is impressive.

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