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Okay. This goes out to all those readers who have blown me outta the water at previous RWAV‘s. You know the rules. And for any of you who were starting to think that I only stay at hipster joints in Paris, NYC and Palm Springs, guess again. Here’s some proof that there really is a huge range. This time, for example, I’m in the woods (where I probably belong).

Good luck.

…if you’re not familiar with this series highlighting some of my time on the road, see other Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW‘s, below:

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[RWAW REVEALED: Paris, Rue Birague]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_2]
[RWAW REVEALED_2: Palm Springs, CA (Viceroy Hotel)]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_3]
[RWAW REVEALED_3: New York City (Hudson Hotel)]

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you are somewhere near Mazama, Washington….

If I read the EXIF right, it was taken on the 5th about 7:15 am, so my guess is he’s facing east, south east about a half hour after sunrise. Which, on the 5th, was approx. 6:42 am in Washington. Or, it could be that I need more sleep than I’m getting; the eyes are blurring and I may be seeing the forest for the trees.

Scott says:

If it’s Whistler it’s not a recent photo. I’m here now and the snow is dirty until you are half way up the mountain.

I’ll go waaay out on a limb and say K-Country as well. The Delta in K-Village has a similar view.

ahh i love places like that!

Cyler Parent says:

I love how some of the comments say Canada. It’s definitely not Saskatchewan or Manitoba, or PEI, or New Brunswick, Newfoundland, ect.

I gotta go with Kananaskis country in Alberta, just cause Whistler has been said multiple times.

Harmony Lodge, WA? Maybe Blue River Cabin? Near Stevens Pass

TSpringsteen says:

I am guessing that you returned to the Steamboat area.


gq says:

Mount Hood – Timberline.

John says:

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, facing west, I believe.

Brian Auer says:

Good golly man, it looks like North Idaho (my homeland) or Montana. Could be Canada too.

JM says:

I liked the Gold Creek comment based on the terrain, but Hyak had more snow when I passed through last week so if along I-90 I think it’s further east.

Besides, Chase didn’t stop in for a cup of cocoa at my place.

Hyak Global LLC

Adam says:

In an attempt to get a little more specific than “Snoqualmie Pass” id’ say “gold creek drainage” but the horizon still doesn’t look right….

Karl Maasdam says:

Near Sisters Oregon, probably Black Butte Ranch on the golf course, probably on the 14th hole

red says:

Second try: Stevens Pass. I’m still convinced that’s your “backyard”. :)

I’m going to go with Suncadia

Duncan says:

Nice one… Wherever it is, I’m hoping that you get to relax for a bit there. :)

Matt says:

Looks like the Sierra to me. Somewhere just south of Lake Tahoe – maybe Big Meadow or Luther Pass.

nate says:

Yosemite National Park, along the river leading into the central valley, just below (but looking away from) El Capitan.


A Pixel says:

Hmmmm…Tricky, tricky! I’m going to have to say Canada as well. Maybe Santa Catalina Mountains somewhere?

Hmm, there’s snow but not a lot, a lake or pond that seems to be thawing out and a lot of doug fir… Looks like one the lower passes in the NW… Say, Snoqualmie but maybe the drier east side? Or maybe close to Lake Kachees?

Sean Austin says:

Hmmmm….does Chase (or the CJ staff) keep the time/date current on his camera? EXIF says 07:12 -8:00 GMT, which would mean that warm morning light out in the middle plane of the image would be about right for the Pacific time zone.

Ok, best I can get is in Whistler and as a big stretch, the Four Seasons for the 24th of March Canadian Biathlon Championships

this is addictive! Marc

I’m going to say somewhere in Colorado?

red says:

Ugh. I’ll have to use my secret technique: guessing.

I say you’re still in WA, maybe some 50 miles east towards the mountains. Snoqualmie?

Just in case I got über-lucky, go watch me play with a yo-yo or something (for real).;=18

Anonymous says:

I admit, I was starting to think about the NY, Paris, Rome thing and how all bigshot photogs can lose perspective. So honestly, I love this. Once again Chase, I’m humbled by your smart, sharing perspective.

I bet nobdy guesses this spot, unless they’re a forest ranger.


I’ll second the winter olympics / Vancouver as according to snow fall websites is one of only a few places with plenty of snow.

frank says:

jasper park lodge overlooking the skating oval

sokkerdad says:

Ok, you’ve got me on this one. I’ll take one for the team and say you are in Whistler Canada for some pre-2010-Winter-Olympics gig. Either that or your grandparents log cabin in the woods somewhere in Oregon (evergreen trees?).

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