Photographer As Director

So, you’re a photographer thinking about video and/or directing moving pictures? Then pick up a copy of this month’s American Photo Magazine, or read the article Photographer As Director here. Editor Miki Johnson reveals her journalistic chops as she digs in with celebrity photographer/videographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, multimedia journalist Stephen McGee, the remarkable Anthony Mandler, Emmy-award-winning online storyteller guru, Brian Storm (great guy!), and some funny looking photographer named Chase Jarvis. A wide breadth of backgrounds from those guys, for sure, which makes for some interesting comparisons on what photographers are doing with moving pictures.

Online version of the entire article American Photo Magazine: Photographer As Director here.

Downloadable PDF of my little chunk of the story (to keep the file small) here.

[Thanks to those of you who reminded/encouraged me via email and recent comments to post this story. I gave the interview to editor Miki Johnson quite some time ago and hadn’t seen the magazine on the newsstand yet. BTW, if you’re not familiar with my videos, get with the program! Click around in the side bar under Popular Posts over there on the right —>>].

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