Saving Dough on Photography Gear

Q: (via email) Chase. I’m basically in love with Profoto lighting. But I’m a kid that has bad credit and photo is my life. Any suggestions on how I could get some Profoto lighting?

A: Yep. Rent it. Seriously. This goes for almost all killer, pro gear. And here’s the thought of the day:

Most rental houses are closed on Sunday. Also true is that you can normally pick up stuff at your local shop at 3pm(-ish) the day before you’re actually “renting” it. That said, consider reserving your rental for Saturday; pick it up Friday at 3pm. Nerd out with it, practice, learn, do a shoot or whatever Friday night. All day Saturday it’s yours. Sunday too. Return the gear Monday by 10am (or whatever the store’s policy says) and you’ve just had your way with this stuff for almost three days for the price of one.

Don’t tell them I sent you.

(BTW, today is Friday.)

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