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Being the popular culture junkie that I am, I’m always in search of new blogs. And what better place to track down great new material than by learning from some talented people at Google’s Blogger Team (creators of the software that’s putting this and millions of other blogs on the web…), whose job it is to champion all things blog. If you like Stumble Upon or, better yet, other human-driven aggregators that introduce you to new stuff online, then I highly recommend the Blogger crew’s weblog called Blogs of Note. It’s a truly great read that highlights “interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team”. You know those dude/ettes know what’s up. Right?

Well, I used to think that, until recently. Apparently, amidst the near perfection over there at Google, I believe a handful of the uber-brains have actually made their first mistake. As devoted as I am to Blogs of Note, they screwed the pooch last week and mistakenly turned their beloved readership loose onto this really weird blog. Apparently it’s run by some total nut job. It seemed so out of place, so outclassed by the other well-respected blogs on the page, that I knew a mistake had been made.

So, like any good subscriber, I alerted the Blogger Team and made them aware of their misstep. Problem solved.

[Jokes aside, thanks so much for the mention–what an honor!]

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