Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_5

Okay. Here’s another stumper of an RWAV for you uber-detectives out there. You know the game. I bet I’ve got you on this one.

Here’s a hint: west coast.

Don’t forget to include your url if you think you’re onto me, and I’ll send some shout outs to whomever can drop the pin closest to me – maybe even the top few. Probably have a pretty quick turn around on this one, since I’ve got a lot of content stacking up, so get on it!
–Read about RWAV after the jump – click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

…if you’re not familiar with this series highlighting some of my time on the road, see other Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW‘s, below. Behind the scenes snapshot to follow when I reveal the locale:

[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW]
[RWAW REVEALED: Paris, Rue Birague]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_2]
[RWAW REVEALED_2: Palm Springs, CA (Viceroy Hotel)]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_3]
[RWAW REVEALED_3: New York City (Hudson Hotel)]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_4]
[RWAV_4 REVEALED: Mazama, Washington (Freestone Inn)]

[Depending on your RSS reader, you may need to go here for the photo.]

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