RWAV_5 REVEALED: San Diego (Sunset Cliffs)

I especially loved the guesses for the most recent Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW. There were guesses from something like five different continents – love it. If you knew what to look for (you didn’t), there were certainly a couple of hints (west coast, the parked cars – know it’s not UK or Aussie, etc) but there were also some red herrings trying to place me overseas (1 am in the camera metadata). Anyways, good fun. I was indeed in San Diego. While a handful of you guessed San Diego, scroll to the bottom to see the one clear winner who accurately nailed me on Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

And, of course, here are some behind-the-scenes snapshots from the trip to help share my life on the road:

Here’s the big ol’ place we rented to house the traveling crew. Not quite up to par with our preferred digs, but then again it was spring break in San Diego, and space down there was very limited. Nonetheless, across the street from the beach, with a breathtaking view. Lots more photos after the jump – click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

The crew for one of our evening shots posing in front of the Digital Capture Systems van we rented for our location file management – thanks Carson! Yes, yours truly with the ridiculous specs in the foreground.

We had some seriously early call times. Here’s a snapshot of my iPhone – we’re leaving for location, waiting for sun to come up and it’s 5:27am. Who ever said this job was easy?

I scored a really cool pair of Iron Maiden vans.

I’m ripping off the still frames while Cody and his mohawk shoot video over my…shoulder.

Scott grabbed this cool frame of my lens, the sunrise, and a line of runners, using my trusty Canon G9.

iPhone grab of a weird wall of people.

Inside the Digital Capture van with digi tech Carson, right hand man Scott, Gary the PA, Sarah wardrobe/apparel, and Nick the AD guzzling random alcoholic beverage #5.

iPhone grab out of the sunroof…our convoy leaving an evening location. We had a shot with this really cool 60’s convertible Porsche.

The crew watching the sun go down, just minutes after grabbing the final shot of the week.

Taylor Christian Jones from Alabama somehow nailed my location exactly, recognized the fence he said. Now let’s keep the payoff for him – you guys peruse his site and blog (some solid band/music photos) and I’ll send him a t-shirt. Nice job Taylor.

Lastly, if you’re at all interested in these snap-shot-y documentations of our travels and shoots, I’ll invite you to check out a recent addition to this blog’s behind the scenes stuff: We’ve started a Flickr pool called Chase Jarvis Crew Shots. We’ll be uploading to this constantly – outtakes from my camera, our personal point and shoot’s, whatever. We haven’t uploaded from our San Diego trip yet, but will this week, so check back. Reminder – it’s poorly/not edited on purpose. You’ll likely find bed-head, boogers, party pictures, out of focus pictures and more.

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Gary Allard says:

Chase, I didn’t let you know at the time but I can play Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” on the guitar, beginning to end. Word.

Clay says:

Silly question, but do you ever use a light meter? If so, what are the situations?

Thanks in advance,

Chase Jarvis says:

If their exposure is nil (they’re not regular photo buyers…) and they’ll float you the equipment and you’re a beginner: do it. Take the trade and save the dough.

Great question.

Matthew says:


Not sure what forum to ask this in and didn’t want to fill your email w/more stuff from someone you don’t know. And perhaps you can field this here so other people can learn.

I’m easing into the photography biz and building my book. I have done some work for pay at this point, and use fotoquote to base my rates.

I had an idea for a really cool shoot, using prop-type-equipment that would be out of my budget to pay for(prop-equipment the models would be using). However, I know of a local place that is possibly willing to supply this for me – and in return, have access to my images for their advertising purposes.

I thought of paying for it (even though I can’t afford it) in hopes of being able to then sell the images to this vendor. However, when I look at their advertising that is currently used, it is nearly nil. I have difficulty believing that they would be willing to spend enough money purchasing ad work from me so that I could recover my costs.

As I want this image for my book and plan on spending time to do recon (shoot the night before with my entire setup, sans models and equipment), am I shooting (pun intended) myself in the foot, from a business perspective, if I were to do this as trade work? I will be paying the models with portraits of themselves in a separate setting, and I have a crew of 5 who have graciously volunteered to help me out.

So with all of that in view – how might you attack this, if you were an entry level photographer, with a small budget trying to build a book?

Gracious thank yous for your (or anyone elses) reply to this.


Chase, I’ve got some stuff for the flickr pool (I promise they’re not incriminating — mostly). Thanks a ton for the great experience. Chase + Crew = Awesome.



Neil says:

the people wall looks like work by Julian Opie

gnarly kicks man. this looks like an awesome shoot

yes man says:

Love this stuff. Chase, you have put together perhaps the most well rounded photo blog on the net. I refer it to every shooter I know. Thank you and keep it up!

Anonymous says:

those are some dope kicks.

Dov says:

Ahh..I was close. Everyone should of known it was SD since you mentioned it a few weeks back that you were seeking an assistant familiar with the area.
Loove the behind the scene shots. They complete your blog. Plus it’s just really cool seeing you in action so to speak. It’s great to catch a glimpse of what goes on. When can we expect another amazing video of some sort?

Martin Wolf says:

Thanks a lot for this post and all the others. Hope there will be another podcast next time. They are really amazing!

loooopy says:

Those vans are sick, and so is the other van with all the computer stuff!

Digging the flickr pool too. Thanks for letting us snoop on your life/work gig Chase. Really fun from behind my desk.

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